Our Approach

5 key parts to our approach:


  • Our program is community based and oriented. This is not as much of a geographical approach, but instead a philosophical one.
  • The community involves all the parents/guardians, students, teachers, Playschool Board and local agencies that offer educational support. The community’s voices are heard in newsletters, in documentation, in photographs, and in the classrooms.
  • Our core values and beliefs are embedded in an emerging child-centered curriculum.
  • Ongoing collaboration among children, teachers and parents is documented and displayed throughout the building.
  • The early childhood educational system of the municipality of Reggio Emilia, Italy, provides the inspiration and principles upon which our program is built.
  • Our program is designed to address and support the interests, needs and abilities of the students and school community.
  • Teachers, parents and children construct knowledge together through well-planned conversation and activities.
  • Children are involved in solving all problems in the school from caring for class pets to getting along with each other.
  • Beautiful spaces throughout the classroom provoke and support learning.
  • The relationship between the inside and the outside of the school is evident in the lighting, plants and trees.
  • Partnerships are forged between the school and local organizations.
  • Teachers are dedicated to continuous professional development.
  • Diversity is a celebration made visible in our classroom, artwork, plants, people, and perspectives.
5 key parts to our approach