Outdoor Play

If it is above -20 C (with the windchill) and not pouring rain, then we are outside. Our students are encouraged to dress for the weather, as we typically play outside half an hour every morning.  Our outdoor classroom is a product of years of parent support and is constantly developing. It is an integral part of our Reggio based programming, encouraging children to explore their environment and ask questions about what they see. We ask our parents to sign a Nature Walk permission form, so that we can explore the neighbourhood outside of our gates as well.  

When you your child explores the Outdoor Classroom they will find:

  • A beautiful wrought iron gate into a fully fenced play area.
  • Two play surfaces: grass and mulch, separated by a handcrafted wrought iron arch and a line of logs.
  • Tree circles/stumps for creating paths and exploring
  • A rock box for digging
  • A wicker Teepee to hide in with our friends
  • Two large permanent outdoor chalk boards that we use for both chalk and paint
  • Planters that the children help with in the spring and fall (cared for by parents in the summer)
  • Toy boxes filled with:
    • Large wooden blocks and curved ramp pieces
    • Trucks and digging toys
  • A variety of other enriching play items that change often:
    • Gymnastics ribbons
    • Balls
    • Scoops and balls
    • Binoculars and magnifying glasses
    • and more…