Volunteer Roles

Rosedale Playschool is a community-centered program that celebrates parent involvement.

Each family chooses a volunteer role at registration that helps maintain the program and supports the students and teachers. There are many roles and committees that touch on everyone’s interests or areas of expertise (from art/craft prep to grant research to website maintenance).

Your assigned volunteer position is important to the smooth functioning of the playschool.  Please ensure that you:

1. are fully aware of and understand the requirements of your position.
2. are able to meet and fulfill these outlined responsibilities.
3. make arrangements with the Chair of Committees if you feel unable to meet your commitment or require a reassignment of responsibilities.

Here is the list of positions and below it, a file to download with all the position descriptions:
Volunteer Roles: # of people required
Board Assistant – 1 person 1
Charity Committee – (1/class; 1 assist teacher) – 4 people 4
Classroom & Toy Clean up – 8 people 8
Event Item Procurement & Purchaser (share role all year) – 2 people 2
Family Photos – 1 person 1
Furniture moving – 4 people 4
Garden Committee – (4 members & 1 committee head) – 5 people 5
Laundry – 2 people 2
Legal Advisor- 1 person 1
Lucky Duck Coordinators – 3 people 3
Maintenance/handyman – 2 people 2
Music – 1 person 1
Party Volunteer: Poster and Decorating- 1 person 1
Party Volunteer: Wrapping Paper Party- 1 person 1
Pet Maintenance – fish – 1 person 1
Playdough Committee (4 members) 4
Grant researcher – 1 person 1
Santa 1
Scholastic Volunteer – 1 person 1
Sewing Volunteer – 1 person 1
Teachers Assistant (year long, shared role) – 2 people 2
Tiny Treasures Sale Committee (3 + 1 committee head to work with C. Liaison) 5
Treasurer’s Assistant – 1 person 1
Board Members – 7 people 7
Past President 1
Total Volunteers: 61

 * Please note that the volunteer roles and responsibilities are subject to change as deemed necessary. Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator for more information.

To view the Description of Parent Volunteer Roles click the download button.

Kindergarten Readiness Seminar

One of the biggest questions we get asked is “Do you think my child is ready for Kindergarten?” We want to help parents with this next step by having an evening addressing this question with an expert in the early education field: Heather Kinahan B.Ed, Sc.

Please join us on January 11 at 6:30 pm at the Wild Rose United Church (upstairs lounge).

Chilcare will be available upon request. Email info@rosedaleplayschool.com to reserve a spot.