Parent Involvement

Rosedale Playschool is a parent-assisted playschool.

We depend on parents to take an active role and assist the teachers in the running of the school.  We have two employees – our wonderful teachers – whose primary focus is the children. All other aspects of the school are volunteer run, including this website and the board that is elected by the playschool community.

Volunteering with the playschool gives you a great opportunity to observe your child’s development first-hand and allow the playschool to meet Social Services licensing requirements, while keeping fees to a minimum.

Parent Responsibilities

As part of the Playschool community, we ask that all parents meet the following simple responsibilities:

  1. Fulfill your Volunteer Roles: We require all families to volunteer in two ways:
    • Volunteer Roles: All parents are required to sign up for a volunteer position to help in the smooth operation of the school. Please contact the Teachers or the Volunteer Coordinator if you need to be assigned a volunteer role or do not know your responsibilities. See the Volunteer Roles page for more information.
    • Lucky Duck Days: Parents are required to volunteer in the classroom (“Lucky Duck” Parent Help Day) approximately 4-6 times per year. Please find more information on the Lucky Duck Days page.
  2. Submit a Criminal Record Check: It is the responsibility of the parent to get a criminal record check done so that they can be the lucky duck with their child.
  3. Pay your fees on time: It is the responsibility of each family to ensure that the Playschool fees are paid in full before the beginning of each month.  Should an NSF cheque occur, it is expected that cheque will be replaced immediately, and there will be an additional $25.00 fee to cover our expenses in this regard.
  4. Allergies and Medical Concerns: If your child has any allergies or other medical conditions, please discuss thoroughly with the teacher.
  5. Collect Artwork: It is the responsibility of the parent and child to pick up artwork at the end of the class.  We have no facilities for storing or keeping any artwork, except some specific multi-day projects.
  6. Stay informed: It is the responsibility of each parent to keep informed by reading the “Parents Bulletin Board” and your emails from the school.  Some of the items you may find on that board include:
    • Playschool Insurance Procedures
    • By-laws
    • Fire Drill Procedures
    • Medical Emergency Procedures
    • Parent Help (“Lucky Duck”) Schedules
    • Minutes from Executive Meetings and General Meetings. (Executive meetings are open to the General membership.  If you wish to attend any, please contact the vice-president for details.)
    • Playschool Newsletter
    • Agendas for upcoming meetings
    • Information on special events, etc.

Kindergarten Readiness Seminar

One of the biggest questions we get asked is “Do you think my child is ready for Kindergarten?” We want to help parents with this next step by having an evening addressing this question with an expert in the early education field: Heather Kinahan B.Ed, Sc.

Please join us on January 11 at 6:30 pm at the Wild Rose United Church (upstairs lounge).

Chilcare will be available upon request. Email to reserve a spot.