Registration for 2018-2019 


General Info, Dates and Registration Form Link

Online Registrationfor 2018/2019:

  • Online Registration starts on February 5th at 9:00 am
  • Students will be informed shortly after applying as to their position in a class or on the waitlist.
  • A second part of the application will be sent to those who have secured a space in class.
  • Cheque Drop-Off Once you have been given your space in class, you will be sent a confirmation email with Cheque Drop-Off information. Bring extra cheques in case you need to rewrite any of them.
  • See the Fees Page for the cost of the program. There is no fee to register on-line. The registration fee is only collected once you have a space in the class. The wait list students do not need to pay any fees until they receive a space in class.

Check back on February 5th to access the link to the application form

Current Class Sizes and Times

3 year old Mornings (Tues and Thurs 9:00-11:30 am) – 18 spaces in Class

4 year old Mornings (Mon/Wed/Fri 9:00-11:30 am) – 22 spaces in Class

3 and 4 year old Split Afternoons (Mon/Wed/Fri 1:00-3:30 pm) – 12 spaces in Class (6 spaces maximum for 3 year olds).

Note: There is always some movement in class enrolments.  Children are often moved off the waitlist and into a class.  Please do not be discouraged based on the spaces available, more may come open over the summer or sooner.

You will stay on your preferred class wait list regardless of your second choice.


Registration will now be a three step process:

  1. Fill out the initial application this one is time stamped, so we have removed all but the basic information to register your child
  2. Once you receive a space in the class, you will be asked to fill out further the second half of the application. The second half of the application requires two emergency contacts (other than parents/guardians) in the Calgary Area (with full mailing address including postal code and cell number) and all waivers.
  3. Cheques are to be dropped off, birthdates confirms and information on the application reviewed in person at the school on a date to be determined.

Once your child is fully registered:

  1. The volunteer roles assignment will happen on-line after the board elections in April. The roles will be handed out on a first come first served basis and filled roles will be removed as a choice.  
  2. Approximately a month before class we will ask you to fill out a further form about your child’s personality and fears, as 3 year olds can change a lot from February to August. This was part of the original application and has now been removed from the registration process and will become part of your child’s student profile. You will also be given a welcome package with handbook via email.
Be Prepared

A screen capture of the application will be posted below, please review it and have all of the information required on hand when you are applying. When your application has been successfully submitted, you will receive an email to confirm your application is complete.

The basic information you will need is:

  • Basic information – Child’s Name, Birth date (check the cut-offs and ensure they qualify for enrolment), Full Address, Parents’ names, Address(es) with postal codes, phone numbers and email address
  • Health Information – Allergies or special needs
  • Know your priority level, class preference and age eligibility – see below for details

Once your child receives a space in a class the second half of the application is sent with the emergency contact information and waivers required.

Rosedale Playschool Application 2017-2018 PDF

Priority Registration

Class spaces are given in the following order and the time stamp of the registration will determine which space your child gets (i.e. you are the 5th Returning Student to register, then you get the 5th place left in your desired class, after the board members):

  1. Board Members, Staff, and “First in Line” Silent Auction Winner from the Parent Social – First registration priority is given to the 7 current board members and Playschool staff. They register before everyone else and work out any technical issues. This only one of the many benefits of being a board member. Please consider choosing it as a volunteer role option if you’ll like to be involved. At our annual Parent Social fundraiser there is a chance to win a ticket to be first in line for registration. This person gets to register before any of the general student population.  This is a very good reason to come to our Parent Social and have some fun.
  2. Returning Students – Students CURRENTLY ENROLLED in the 2016/2017 term only.  For example IF your child is enrolled in our 3 year old program and is moving into our 4 year old program, then they are RETURNING. IF you have a child in the 4 year old program graduating and a younger sibling registering, they are ALUMNI, as they are NOT currently registered.
  3. Alumni – These are families that have had a sibling in the school (including those graduating this year). There will be an opportunity to identify the alumni sibling when registering. Other family members previously enrolled besides a sibling (i.e. cousins), not being raised by the identified parent, do not get to register under the ALUMNI status.
  4. NEW STUDENTS – New students are divided into two further priority levels:
    1. In Community – Rosedale or Crescent Heights Address
    2. Out of Community – Outside of Rosedale or Crescent Heights
  5. Do not be discouraged to apply, there is always movement in the classes after registration day. Filling out the application is free and you are only charged fees once your child has received a space in the class.
  6. AFTER FEBRUARY 9TH, 2017 at 6am, any remaining spots will be assigned on a first come, first served basis, as will placement on the waitlist.
Age limits on class enrolment – NEW!
  • For the 4 year old program the student must turn 4 years old before Dec. 31 – To be in-line with the Calgary Board of Education
  • For the 3 year old morning class the student must turn 3 years old by Dec. 31
  • For the 3/4 year old afternoon class the student must turn 3 years old by Sept. 1 and 4 years old by Dec. 31
Other Class Limitations

Children must be potty trained to enter school, if there are issues of a medical nature related to this, please contact us.

There is limited space in each class for children with aides, as we only have so much room for adults in addition to our teachers, student teacher, and parent volunteer.  Occasionally, we can consolidate aids within the classroom to reduce the number of adults and we offer an additional office space for one-on-one therapies, so that the students can work quietly with their aids.

Volunteer Roles

All families require a Volunteer Role and are required to fulfill it.  Please see the Volunteer Page for more information. Your volunteer role will be chosen after you have a space in the class and board elections in April.

Police Records Check

All New students will require that the adults volunteering in the class to have a criminal record check on file at the Playschool prior to doing so.  Parents, grandparents, caregivers etc. are all eligible to volunteer as long as they submit to a criminal record check to the playschool.  We require the Police information check to be performed the year the student registers and it is valid for 5 years with our school.

You can apply in person or on-line for your police records check.  Once you are registered you will be emailed a PDF of the Rosedale School Police Check Request Letter, so that you can choose how to apply. The police records check needs to be given to the school before your first Lucky Duck Day, in the month of September. Please apply early and bring you record to, or email it to the registrar, before the mandatory orientation night. The police check is your responsibility to obtain and ensure that you choose to share the file, when applying on-line.

To fill out your police records application go to the CPS website. Under agency type in Rosedale and Rosedale Playschool will be one of your options.

Withdrawal Policy

A child may withdraw from Rosedale Playschool by giving notice in writing to the Registrar of the member’s intent to do so.

Students who withdraw with 30 days notice before March 1st will receive a prorated refund of tuition.

For example, if you want to withdraw from the school in November, then notice needs to be given before October 1st, to get a full refund of November’s fees.  If notice is given October 15th, then the next month’s fees are forfeited (i.e. no November refund).

After March 1st, there will be no tuition refund.

Registration fees are not refundable.

Cheques and NSF fees

Cheques are to be post-dated and made payable to Rosedale Playschool Society.  There will be a $25.00 fine for any NSF cheques. If cheques are written in a colour other than black or blue, the cheques may not be accepted by the bank and an NSF fee will be charged.


Subsidy may be available for eligible parents/guardians who are stay at home parents. For more information, please refer to the Government of Alberta Child Care Subsidy information page here. 

Kindergarten Readiness Seminar

One of the biggest questions we get asked is “Do you think my child is ready for Kindergarten?” We want to help parents with this next step by having an evening addressing this question with an expert in the early education field: Heather Kinahan B.Ed, Sc.

Please join us on January 11 at 6:30 pm at the Wild Rose United Church (upstairs lounge).

Chilcare will be available upon request. Email to reserve a spot.