“I started O in another well established neighbourhood preschool.  He was having a hard time adjusting as this was his first experience with an unparented activity. The teacher recommended I remove him and try again the following year. I had a friend recommend I come check out Rosedale Playschool before I gave up on O starting preschool at 3 all together. I fell in love with the space first, the teachers second, and then the program. Ms. Els assured me that O was just going through a right of passage and I could trust them to help him through this. Every day Ms. Rachel would hug and hold O when I left him. After a few weeks, he stopped needing the hugs. He has happily transitioned to looking forward to going to school. In fact, we often hear O say “I love school” and that he “can’t wait to play with [his] best friends”. Ms Els and Ms Rachel provided the support and guidance that both my son and I needed and the program has laid the groundwork for O loving “school”, which is going to help him as he starts kindergarten next year.”

“We are so happy to be at this school. We love the student directed approach. The classroom is beautiful. The detailed daily emails from the teachers help us to keep up to date on what the class is experiencing. In the words of my daughter, ‘I love Ms. Rachel and Ms. Els’”.

“We only moved into the area a short while ago, and feel so fortunate to have found Rosedale Playschool. Here are some of the things we like most:

  • strong parent involvement and community feel
  • the daily outdoor /active gym play,
  • excellent program
  • child led and play based
  • 3 days a week with same children, but most importantly with the same teachers as this has helped my son settle quickly, enjoy each session and learn more.

Even after 3 weeks we’ve noticed the difference in our son, and he can’t wait to go. By far the thing I appreciate most is the two wonderful teachers. Without separate admin or directors like other centres we have been to, they are able to direct the program, and respond to the children.”

“We have had two kids attend Rosedale (one currently attends) and it will always be a special place to all of us as their first school. From the first information night we found the space so warm and welcoming, we could just imagine our kids running from station to station, exploring all the spaces. 

In the 2 years our kids have been there, we feel a sense of community. Our kids have an outlet to exercise their creativity, and even more, they have learned social skills that prepare them for school. The teachers are warm and welcoming and set clear and realistic expectations for behaviour. They take a genuine interest in the children’s lives and get to know the children well.

One of their favourite things is when we pull up to the school and there are always kids playing in the outdoor space before school starts. They also love when they are the Lucky Duck and get to ring the bell to bring the kids in and then get to share their special item. The pride they feel shines through. 

Our older daughter told our son, shortly before he started, that he “would LOVE Rosedale” and she still says that she wishes she could still be there.”

“When I started researching preschools in our neighborhood, Rosedale quickly stood out among the other options. Now that my son attends the school I can say it has lived up to its reputation and here’s why:

The classroom: I immediately felt it’s inviting nature and a sense of calm yet also saw that it was overflowing with possibilities for creativity, perfect for young children to explore in their own way. The teachers: My son had a chance to meet Ms. Rachel and Ms. Els and “the classroom worms” for a very short time prior to starting school and that’s all he could talk about! The teachers made a lasting impression in a very short interaction. They both seem to genuinely enjoy, understand and love teaching the children and it shows! The program: My son asks often “when is the next school day” and truly loves attending his school because “school is fun, Fun, FUN!”. I’m so glad that it is not a struggle to get him to school and that Rosedale teachers, students and families have made it a positive, stimulating and encouraging learning environment. The unexpected benefits: One of the most unexpected benefits our family has realized is the sense of community we feel at the school. We have met many parents in our neighborhood and have become involved in volunteering at the school. I also secretly look forward to our “Lucky Duck” days (as much as my son does, which is A LOT) because I love to see how special of a day it is for him, to see him interact with the other children and…let’s be honest….I get to play for a day too! The tangible benefits: I’m confident that our son is learning and growing through thoughtfully guided play as his ability to question, articulate himself and express his ideas through art/play is noticeably growing.”

“Ms. Rachel and Ms. Els are excellent teachers. They really take the time to get to know each individual child and their personalities. My son comes home after Playschool all the time with a huge grin on his face and tons of stories to tell.”

“Our son A has spent two wonderful years at Rosedale.  We had heard great things from a local playgroup about the school and when we attended the Info Night we knew that the school and the teachers would be a great fit for our him.  We love the focus on outdoor play, creativity, literacy, and both independent play/learning and group socialization that is contained in every fun day at Rosedale.  We love that A is excited to go to school each day and is excited to tell us about something he did or learned or heard at school that he thought was interesting or fun.  We love the daily email that promptly follows each school day informing us of what happened that day.  We find that at dinnertime we use the information from the email to start a conversation with Atticus about his day.  We love that parent involvement is an integral part of the program, from the division of all the work that is part of creating and maintaining such a great program, to the “Lucky Duck” days where I get to see the kids in action and participate in their play and conversation.  (I know A, like all the kids, absolutely LOVES his Lucky Duck days too!  They make him feel really special!)  

We’re very happy that we found Rosedale, sad that this is A’s last year at the school, and excited to see everyone again in a few years when our daughter P is ready for playschool!”

 “I love the small class sizes and that my young child still has time to be a kid and learn at the same time with teachers who genuinely feel like they care.

[The] teachers are down to earth. They follow all the ‘rules’ but are not your typical ‘uptight’ stressed out teachers.  This makes a major difference in the vibe of the playschool – something which benefits the children tremendously.  The classroom is always stunning and the teachers work hard to provide fresh learning opportunities weekly.   Their approach enables the kids to learn structure appropriate for their age group yet allows them to explore their own creativity and interests at the same time.  My two kids have completely different interests, yet both blossomed at Rosedale in their respective areas.

While my kids have completely different interests they are still able to comfortably explore other areas of interest.  (Ie.  my son is into cars, but at the encouragement of the teachers  occasionally explores art in the classroom which  has increased his interest at home exponentially!)   I also have a definite sense that my children learned the concept of ‘community’ at Rosedale Playschool – being part of something, caring for others and treating others with respect.”